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Godzilla: six year old bearded dragon, original gangster.






New York, NY.

Happy Halloween, little monsters!

New York, NY.

Transient Transportation Art

More from my commute.

New York, NY.

Mosaic of Mosaics

One of my midterms this semester was an assignment to present my commute to school as art. Here’s one of the pieces I used to do so, a compilation of photographs of the mosaic at the 96th Street subway station from which I take the train from every morning.

New York, NY.

Also, I’ve been writing another blog (which I update more frequently, as I’m paid to) for the residence I live in. Some posts there are similar to those found here, but a lot of them are completely different. Feel free to check it out.

Shaken, Not Stirred

The Fragrance Shop. New York, NY